2022 Northland LOA Boys Lacrosse Suspended Game Policies

If the officials are asked to stay on-site beyond the scheduled start time and the game is either not played or suspended and not concluded after starting, the following apply

If the game is suspended,
terminated, or canceled:

and the

then the officials
are paid:

Before scheduled start time

are notified while in transit to the game site

one-half game fee

Before scheduled start time

are on-site, but released before the scheduled start time

one-half game fee

Prior to the end of the second quarter

determine the game will not be completed that day and are release immediately

two-thirds game fee

After the completion of the second quarter

are released immediately or asked to stay to see if the weather clears up

full game fee

If one game in a set of two or more games is suspended, terminated, or canceled and later games are canceled, the officials are paid as above for the suspended game, paid a half fee for the next canceled game, and paid nothing for subsequent games.

Once a game is suspended due to weather conditions and the officials are asked to stay, the officials will stay on site for up to one hour to see if the game can be resumed. If a lightning delay lasts more than 30 minutes, the officials will be released (since the game would not be able to be resumed for at least another 30 minutes). If there is a second weather-related delay in the same game, the officials will be released. Officials will try to be flexible in helping teams get games in, but sometimes the officials will have other assignments or commitments the same day that do not allow for a game taking significantly longer than could be reasonably expected.

Under NFHS rules, suspended games are continued from the point of interruption unless there are league, conference, or state association rules to cover the situation or unless the coaches agree to terminate the game. If the remainder of the game is rescheduled, another crew of officials will be assigned and will be paid a full game fee. In section playoffs and state tournament play, if the game is suspended—and cannot be completed on the same night—after the conclusion of the third quarter and the score is not tied, the game is considered completed.

In cases where it seems likely that games could be canceled due to weather conditions, the officials should contact the home team or host site prior to leaving to verify the game or games are still “on.” If they do not, they may not be paid if they arrive and the games are canceled.

For non-MSHSL games (and for MSHSL games outside the metro area), officials must be notified well in advance. The appropriate time is calculated by subtracting travel time (as calculated by Google maps) + 1.5 hours from the start time of the first game. If this puts the notification time before 8:00 a.m., the officials must be notified by the 9:00 p.m. the night before the game (or, for travel of more than 3 hours, by 5:00 p.m. the day before the game). Failure to give such notification requires that the officials be paid for one half of the game fee for the first game; travel fees, hotel, and per diem may apply in these situations as well depending on how far the official has driven when the cancelation is received.