MSHSL Officiating

Any Level 2 official can work JV, freshman, and off-season high school games. However, to officiate varsity high school games in Minnesota, you must become a member of the MSHSL as an official and complete their requirements, which include:

  • A background check
  • Concussion training
  • An online training module for all MSHSL officials
  • An online training module for lacrosse officials (late March/early April)
  • An online NFHS rules exam (late March/early April)
  • A registration fee ($30 for your first year, $60 thereafter)

They also require some classroom training, which is covered by your Northland LOA training as a Level 1+2, Level 2, or returning adult official.

Should I join the MSHSL?

Northland LOA is committed to putting officials in situations where they can be successful. We will not assign you to varsity games before you are ready. People who have officiated youth games in prior years and are moving up to Level 2 are usually ready, but most first-year officials are not. However, it may make sense to join the MSHSL as a first-year official if you have:

  • prior officiating experience in other sports
  • extensive lacrosse playing experience
  • extensive lacrosse coaching experience

If you do join the MSHSL, we will make sure things are going smoothly for you on lower-level games before we move you up to varsity games, and if we do move you up, you will start out with experienced partners on games that don’t seem like they will be close.

Can I work as MSHSL official if I am still in high school?

If you are 18 or older and still in high school, it is possible to become an MSHSL official. If you are still playing high school lacrosse, it is unlikely to be worthwhile, but if you are not playing spring lacrosse and complete Level 2 Training, you would be qualified. Typically, we’d need to block you from working your school’s games as well as schools that your team is scheduled to play during the season, so you might need to do some longer drives, but if you have significant availability it can be worth doing.

I am out of state for college. Does it make sense for me to join the MSHSL?

If you will be back in Minnesota at least a week to 10 days before the start of Memorial Day weekend, it is worth joining the MSHSL. It’s not uncommon for college students to return to Minnesota in early May and make $1,000 per week for a few weeks before the high school regular season ends, and some such officials also work section playoff games. 

How do I join the MSHSL?

See the MSHSL officiating page for more information about their officiating requirements, and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Register as an MSHSL official with Arbiter” link to pay your fees and start the process. 

Uniform requirements

As a Level 2 official, you should already have most of the uniform and equipment you need to work varsity games. You will also need to have a long-sleeved striped shirt (with patches sewn on or imprinted), plain black nylon rain pants, a plain black nylon jacket, and a black equipment bag. See the Northland LOA Uniform and Equipment page for more details.