Membership Requirements

The exact membership requirements for Northland LOA will depend on our operating policies, which have not yet been voted on. However, we expect to adopt the following requirements.

All members must:

    • pay $50 annual dues (due by Dec 15)
      Our preferred method is PayPal to Northland Lacrosse Officials Association
    • pass an annual rules test
    • have the proper uniform and equipment for their level [link to Uniform and Equipment page]
    • be in good enough physical condition to keep up with the pace of play at their levels of officiating
    • set up an maintain their once it is created for them
    • sign the Northland LOA membership agreement

Officials working only youth games must:

    • be at least 14 years old
    • be current members of US Lacrosse (for insurance coverage)
    • complete US Lacrosse Level 1 Training in the first year and annual training in subsequent years

Officials working high-school level games must:

    • be current members of the MSHSL or of US Lacrosse (for insurance coverage); MSHSL membership is required for officials working MSHSL varsity games in the spring
    • complete US Lacrosse Level 1 Training in the current year or a prior year
    • complete US Lacrosse Level 2 Training for the first year of high school officiating and annual training in subsequent years
    • be invited to join Northland LOA or pass an on-field evaluation

Officiating lacrosse can be physically intense. It is strongly recommended that all officials get clearance from a physician before working games and before beginning a physical conditioning program to prepare for working games.

In order to be a voting member, you must be current in all fees, have completed at least Level 1 Training, and worked as an official on at least 5 boys lacrosse games.

Games per Year
Annual Leagues