The travel fees for most games that pay travel will be

Travel Fee = $0.70 x (one-way mileage) + $2.50

for any travel of 15 miles or more. The one-way mileage is the zip-to-zip number listed in ArbiterSports (so for some games officials may get travel fees if the actual travel is less than 15 miles and for some games may not get travel fees if the actual travel is over 15 miles; this is expected to balance out over the season for most officials). Note that only the first game in each set will show mileage, and if you have multiple games at multiple sites on the same day, later games will show mileage from the first site to the second site. In some cases, officials will be traveling from one game site to another, and in those cases the assigner will determine a travel fee in line with the above fees based on the distance traveled.

These fees do apply:

    • to regular-season freshman, JV, and varsity MSHSL games in Becker, Big Lake Brainerd, Buffalo, Chisago Lakes, Delano, Duluth, Grand Rapids, Hermantown, Holy Family Catholic, Hutchinson, Mankato, Monticello, Northfield, Orono, Owatonna, Proctor, Rochester, Rocori, Rogers, Sartell/Sauk Rapids, Shattuck-St. Mary’s, SW Christian Academy, and St. Cloud.
    • to all non-MSHSL games, including HS/youth leagues and tournaments. However, in some situations the assigner has discretion to reduce or cancel the travel fee: (1) if an official receives a large number of assigned games (2) when assigning an official if a closer official is available, such as when there is an official available 10 miles away but an official who is 30 miles away wants to work the game; if the official is needed to cover the game, the full travel fee will apply regardless of distance.

These fees do not apply:

    • when the official’s travel, as measured by Arbiter (zip-to-zip) is less than 15 miles
    • if the game site is near the official’s home zip code, regardless of how far from the game site the departure point is (e.g., if an official works in Bloomington but lives in Rochester, the official does not get paid to drive to Rochester because he or she was going to drive there anyway).
    • for MSHSL teams at sites other than the ones listed above, and for MSHSL section games.

It is the responsibility of each official to:

    • have accurate zip codes entered in ArbiterSports under “Travel Limits”
    • decline travel fees when they are not warranted (e.g., if you have your “leave” zip code set for Bloomington but you have a work meeting in Rochester on the day you get assigned a game there, you should not accept a travel fee for that game)
    • let the assigner know if ArbiterPay travel fees are incorrect
    • record the mileage from Arbiter and the correct travel fee, if any, on the pay voucher for MSHSL schools (Note: if the official forgets to write record these, he or she generally forfeits that travel fee).

Per diem and hotel: When officials work games more than 2.5 hours away from their home zip code as measured by Google Maps, they are paid one travel fee and a $40 per diem. Officials working consecutive days at distant locations will be one paid travel fees, $40 per diem and reasonable hotel fees for the night between game days (when multiple officials are involved, officials are expected to share a room with another official). If the required departure time for the officials to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to game time is before 7:00 a.m., hotel will be provided to the officials the night preceding the game. Officials must submit a copy of the hotel receipt to the assigner.

Method of payment: For games paid by ArbiterPay, travel fees, per diem, and hotel expenses will be included in the ArbiterPay payment. Otherwise, the fees, where applicable, should be paid with the game fee check on the date of the game or when the check is mailed.