GNLL Boys Youth Rules

Last updated November 27, 2023, by Harold Buck.

USA Lacrosse is no longer publishing a comprehensive boys youth lacrosse rule book but is instead moving to present rules as variations on the 2024 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rulebook. The GNLL rules document linked below is based on the USA Lacrosse Boys Youth Guidebook and the NFHS Boys Lacrosse rules, but with variations for GNLL youth play. The current year’s NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rulebook covers all situations not specified in this document.

US Lacrosse rules (or, in some cases, NFHS rules that apply to youth) are printed in black text. Any modifications specific to GNLL will be printed in blue text. Significant changes to last year’s rules will be highlighted in gray.

A quick-reference guide showing the major rule variations is also linked below.

Rules Changes and Modifications

Suggestions for US Lacrosse Rules

For suggestions regarding the US Lacrosse Boys Youth Rules:

a. The US Lacrosse Men’s Game Rules Subcommittee reviews the NFHS rules and the supplemental rules annually and may adopt any changes or modifications deemed necessary to provide for safe play or are desirable to improve the quality of the players’ experience or development.

b. Please send all comments or suggestions regarding the Rules for Boys’ Youth Lacrosse to the US Lacrosse Men’s Game Rules Subcommittee via the web form at (please do not contact the NFHS about these rules). The rules committee meets in June, so it is recommended that suggestions be submitted by May 15 to have the best chance of being considered.

Suggestions for GNLL Youth Rules Modifications

To make comments on the GNLL modifications to the rules, please do not contact the NFHS or US Lacrosse. Questions and comments may be directed to:

Harold Buck
Rules Editor, GNLL Boys Youth Rules