Here are the training resources for those officials working the NABLL games:


USALacrosse: If you haven’t already, it is highly recommend that you go into your USALacrosse account and into the eLearning portal to take the Box Lacrosse module.  It’s comprehensive.  Plan on reviewing it again next week before your first game even if you already took it in the winter for the Homegrown league.


NABLL Rulebook: The NABLL will be using the NLL Casebook for the rule set this year.  You can find a pdf here: I recommend you review this in detail prior to your first game and send any questions my way.  I can pass those up the chain and get answers.


NLL Training Videos:  The NLL produced a series of really great videos.  I highly recommend watching them.


Additional Resources:  Game footage is helpful — here are some YouTube channels of a couple of leagues that are all in the Semi-Pro level of Box (basically the level below the NLL).  You can use these to get a better idea of mechanics and would recognitions.